The Youth Fountain in Sayreville, New Jersey - Laser hair removal was a nightmare!

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Wish I could leave 0 stars. I went here for laser hair removal on lower legs.

As Dr. Shakov was passing the laser on my legs I felt an intense burning on my tattoo. Dr. Shakov told me he didn't understand why it hurt me in that area so much.

He repeatedly passed the last over this area causing so much pain during procedure. As it turned out, Dr. Shakov cause second degree burns on my tattoo. The last should have never been put on a tattoo since it is attracts to pigmentation and Dr.

Shakov never told me this. I have now been told it will take months to heal and a minimum of one year till I can rework tattoo if there isn't too much scar tissue. Dr. Shakov only reimbursed me for purchase price.

He refused to compensate for the pain or what it will cost me to repair my tattoo that has been ruined. It has been a month and I still have to keep my ankle bandaged up everyday to avoid infection and unnecessary pain. His solution was to cut out the burned area on my ankle and stitch it closed! In his words I would then have a "modified" tattoo.

Unbelievable! Why would I subject myself to being cut open??

Please stay clear of The Youth Fountain and Dr. Shakov.

Monetary Loss: $1000.



So because of a doctor's lack of understanding his own machine and essentially burning a hole in my leg, It's because I have a dumb tattoo? You sir must be a friend of the inept doctor


One more reason why it is dumb to get tattoos.

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